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Why Estate Planning Group Network (EPGN) is different than other networking groups

We focus on developing a better understanding of our roles, and the roles of other professionals in the Estate Planning community. Instead of presentations, we encourage our members to participate in activities and case studies. When we understand the services and products offered by our fellow professionals, in context of the activities we participate in together, we are better able to serve our own clients. 

There are never any "presentations", as our goal is to create an environment of genuine conversation among highly trusted professionals. Meeting once a month, everyone introduces themselves briefly at the beginning of the meeting, answering an "icebreaker" question. In this way, all learn your name, your profession, and a little about who you are. Click here for Chair and Co-Chair testimonials.
Instead of presentations, we encourage our members to write up case studies, or other outlines, which teach us different points of view, and about different professions. Each month, all of our groups use the same conversation starter, so if you missed your usual group, you can attend a different group in the same month, without missing the conversation.

We meet once a month – Whether in-person or virtually, get there by 7:15am, if the meeting starts at 7:30am, and then we are adjourned by 8:30am. If it's the lunch hour, then get there at 11:45am and the meeting starts at 12:00pm and we are done at 1:00pm. Some linger for 30 minutes after, and many folks plan follow up meetings immediately after the meeting.

Your group may have a meal (separate expense), or not. EPGN strives to keep costs down, so membership is always affordable.  Our groups are designed to get to know each other efficiently (we strive for tables, or breakout rooms, of eight), and this approach makes it easy to invite other professionals whom we would like to get to know better. 

EPGN does not limit the number of professional types allowed - There are business networking groups which limit representation of various professions to just one each in their meetings. At EPGN, there might be more than one financial advisor, attorney, realtor or fiduciary at a meeting. We believe that each professional brings a unique life experience beyond the product or service they offer. There is no one exactly like you.

Every member gets a golden ticket, every year - when you become an individual member, you are given a golden ticket to pay for one guest meal. We have all had those follow up phone calls and lunch meetings where nothing moved forward. We suggest inviting a professional (someone you met at a different networking event, but didn't get to talk to) to register for a group, as a way to get better acquainted.  This gives you the perfect opportunity to make the most of your time and marketing energy. By making the invitation, you are generously sharing your resources, which is a “value-added” for your guest. By encouraging your guest to visit the easy registration page, you are not paying for a ticket that may, or may not, bear fruit.

There is no obligation to refer - referrals happen because professionals really get to know each other. We see professionals developing good relationships, and feeling comfortable in the knowledge that the client will be protected and well served. You may think you know what a particular profession or industry has to offer, and many of our members share that they are often delightfully surprised.

EPGN attracts professionals who take on a fiduciary (putting the client first) approach to their work. Our monthly activities include case studies, articles of interest, and conversation starters introducing new developments in the estate planning arena. Everyone at the table gets an opportunity to share their ideas, experience, and questions. You will leave with a better understanding of who your table mates are as people, in addition to understanding more about what they can do for your clients.

No one is allowed to "spam" fellow members. Since genuine interaction is encouraged, you are not going to receive a handful of brochures without getting to know the professional behind the marketing material. No more hopeless handing out of business cards!

We are dark in December when many professionals are just too busy to attend one more thing.

Other estate planning specific groups limit the types of professionals who are allowed to be members. If you serve the elderly or disabled, and you put your clients’ needs before your own, you are welcome. Below you will see our growing list of professions.

Board and Care Owner

Care Agency Manager

Certified Public Accountant – CPA

Estate Sales Specialist
Financial Advisor
Food prep services
Funeral Services
Geriatric Care Manager
Handyman service
Hospice Agency

Litigator - Probate
Medical Services Provider
Medical Supplies
Medicare specialist
Mortgage Lender


Professional Trustee and Executor

Realtor – Senior Real Estate Specialist
Safety - remodel service
Senior Move Manager
Senior Residence Director
Tax Preparer – Enrolled Agent, CTEC
Travel for Seniors
Trust Officer

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