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Patti Gerke, Realtor, EPGN 
Chairman of Sabre Springs
EPGN is a great resource for professionals that work with and truly care about our senior population in San Diego County.  Having trusted professionals to refer our clients to is very important to us and EPGN provides that platform.

Ron Greenwald, Realtor, EPGN Chairman of Cardiff by the Sea
EPGN is the very best networking group to build relationships and resources with other professionals that work to protect, inform, respect, and educate our seniors.  As a RealtorĀ®, we are called out on cases that are in crisis mode.  Mom has fallen and cannot move back home.  Mom has  a reverse mortgage on the home.  What do we do now?  EPGN continues to provide us the best and most caring professionals to assess, plan, and implement what is best for Mom at every turn of the journey.   

Noah Benton, Trustee. EPGN Chairman of Temecula
I was first introduced to EPGN back in June of 2013, only a few weeks after I had graduated from law school and moved to California from the East Coast. Over the past four-and-a-half years, EPGN has opened many doors for me, and I have been able to not only meet, but also get to know countless other estate planning professionals. Best of all, it’s actually fun to attend! As the current Chairman of the Southwest Riverside EPGN, I cannot recommend EPGN enough.

Yvonne Amrine, Attorney, EPGN Chairman of Downtown San Diego
I began attending EPGN in 2011 on an invitation from Ron Greenwald. I found the group’s focus to be especially helpful in getting to know professionals that touch my client: the older adult needing to create a plan for their future. In 2013, I was asked if I would like to head my own group in downtown San Diego. I didn’t hesitate! This group has allowed me to be the expert in the room for “elder issues.” Life is complicated, families need our help navigating the health care and legal systems. This groups gives you the opportunity to connect with other professionals. Through the case study format over breakfast, you get to know your colleagues at a deeper level. I have great confidence in those that attend the breakfast because I know them personally. They refer clients my way because they know I will take good care of them. This is not a networking group, per se. It is a network of committed professionals that take the time to understand what their clients need and provide them with the tools to age successfully.

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